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Companhia das Culturas Ecodesign & Spa

A Hotel choosen because of the Slow Living concept that can be felt imediatly as you arrive.

A Project that connect the Farm with memories, nature, materials, family and being local.

THE LANDSCAPE ON THE PLATE. Here, landscape and culture meet at the table. The aromatic and edible plants that grow spontaneously around the cultivated fields – the so-called roderal plants such as nettles, thistles, Swiss chard, white tergarettes or purslane – are the hallmark of this cuisine that marks the age-old connection

of man and animals with the place.

THE HAMMAN & SPA. Companhia das Culturas resumes the Mediterranean tradition of healthy baths and massages. It is the first made from scratch in contemporary Portugal. Its construction excels in the use of marble from Vila Viçosa (Alentejo) the famous cork troughs that make up for the usual copper bowls in the steam area.

Companhia das Culturas is located on the edge of the Castro Marim Nature Reserve - Algarve.
You can enjoy the beach what if find at 1.5km, visit the historic village of Castro Marim which is is 4km away, and you can also go for a walk or boat ride along the Ria Formosa Natural Reserve which is 6km away.

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