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Compilation of Zen Stories from Grey Frames

The point of the Zen stories is to produce awakening, clarification and enlightening, the so-called satori. They are designed to create a awe moment.

Collection of 5 Short animated Zen stories:

1. Emptiness

2. A Cup of Tea

3. It Will Pass

4. Moving Mind

5. The Other Side

Created by Suyog Khadikar, in collaboration with Nakul Dhagat (Narration) Harish Kori (Music) Santunu Dutta (lettering)

A collection of 3 short zen stories:

1. Leaning to be Silent

2. Time to Die

3. Working Hard

Created by Suyog Khadikar

A collection of five short funny and witty ZEN stories. Stories include:

1. The Unwanted Student

2. Gates of Paradise

3. In Dreamland

4. Zen Dialogue

5. Muddy Road

Animation, Illustration & Music by Suyog Khadikar Narration by Nakul Dhagat, Sandesh Darakdar, Suyog Khadikar

Take you for this great and amazing compliation!


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