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Emotions & Miths

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

I dedicate my teachings mainly in an intensive and individual format, having started this as a full-time practice in 2016.

I observe a very interesting pattern related with emotions, that has the tendency to repeat itself, and that differs according to whether the student is a man or woman. Some men have the tendency to contain sadness or fear, in many cases thinking that there is something wrong with them, especially if they are up to the to the point in which they feel like crying. Women on the other hand, have the tendency to contain anger, hiding it from coming above in any way they can, off course until the day that everyone around finally understands that things weren’t going so well. In my opinion this is directly linked with what society says it is acceptable or not acceptable for a man or woman to express. Phrases like “boys don´t cry”, “a man must be strong and fearless”, or regarding girls “ it is not pretty to be angry” or an “angry woman is no sexy, you will never get married”, “women are emotional”, etc.

These beliefs have strong roots, and we can see this gender separation even nowadays, from advertises to movies, from beauty products and children´s toys to the color of cloth’s, etc. But the fact is that there are no pink or blue rows of emotions to pick up and feel! One of the experiences as human beings is to feel all types of emotion, no matter the gender, age, race, sexual orientation or religion.

Containing or over expressing emotions in general well lead to less beneficial results, specifically to your health and quality of relationships with those around you. In the MBSR Program and Intensive Programs this theme is further more developed, analyzing the 4 basic emotions: fear, anger, sadness and joy. You will be able to understand what actually are emotions and the super important roll they play in our daily lives.

Associated topics that we talk about on the MBSR program:

  • What are emotions;

  • The difference between emotions and feelings;

  • Analysis of the 4 basic emotions regarding: sensations, behavior and value of each emotion;

  • Emotions and stress;

  • Mindful strategies to successfully manage emotions.


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