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How are you dealing with Stress? Is Stress making you Sick?

Situations that lead to Stress are a constant in our lives, now is related with one thing, next week, month or year, a totally different thing. Stress affects our health, our performance and the way we relate to events. Stress influences significantly the quality of our relationships and the way we relate with family, friends, work colegues,etc.

Let´s not forget that there is also good stress that motivates us to act and pursue our goals, like in sports competition. We are talking here about the stress that becomes chronic and non-beneficial, generating sickness on the level of the body and mind, unableling us to live our lives fully.

There are strategies that can help reduce short term stress. For example, going to the gym or doing a massage. This will enable the stress to be release from the body. But it does no change the way you respond to the situation that is causing it. Do you have the time to everyday either go to the gym or do a massage?

You can learn how to effectively handle stress and live your life with ease and greater sense of meaning. One way to do this is to enrole a Mindfulness based stress reduction program. With this program you will learn specific technics that will allow to understand what stress is, it´s impact and how it is triggered.

From this point you will be in a position to investigate what stress means to you, what actions contributed for you to be where you are.

Without knowing what the origin of stress there is no way to reduce it in a conscious fashion!


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