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" The potential applications of Mindfulnes to preventive and integrative medicine are far reaching, and the fruits os such work ae already visible. Decades of research demonstrate that mindfulness-based therapies have significant beneficial effects for a wide array of preventive and health enhancing applications. In addition, innovative clinical applications are underway with the development of new mindfulness-based Interventions for specific populations. Further, mindfulness practice show promise for cultivating positive phychological qualities previously given little attention by western researchers. Mindfulness can hel enlarge our paradigm of health and healing, deppen the intentions we aspire toward, and expand our vision of what is possible. The field of mindfulness is still yung, and possibilities for its intergration into western healthcare are vast."

Chapter 5. The Concept of Mindfulness in Integrative Preventative Medicine. Kim Aikens and Shauna Shapiro.


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