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Our Intensive Mindfulness Programs now in partenership with Companhia das Culturas Ecodesign & SPA

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

This Mindfulness Retreat Program, set in Algarve, was designed to in a short time refresh your mind and body, giving you a boost of energy.


- Learn to reduce stress;

- Learn to stop overthinking;

- Learn to deal with sadness and difficult experiences and prevent depression;

- Lear to deal with anger and built better relationships;

- Learn to reduce anxiety and negative thinking;

- Open your mind to new possibilities a navigate better the ever changing reality;

- Transform you mindset and Start a new and healthier way of living now.


Companhia das Culturas Ecodesign & Spa Hotel

Castro Marim, Algarve

Your Booking information available at Link.

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