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Personal Re-Start Program

7 Motives to do this Intensive Program

1. With this program to learn to meditate. During 6 days, perform several practices distributed at 4 times of the day, before breakfast, morning, afternoon and before bed. The goal is to start a routine that you can easily continue when you return to your home. The formal meditations included are: 1. Attention to breathing; 2. Scan the Body and 3. Walking meditation. Non-formal meditations include: conscious eating, conscious movement (yin yoga) and mindfulness checking.

2. You will learn to direct attention to thoughts, emotions and sensations, and observe their nature.

3. You will understand how perception influences patterns of behaviour, through which you respond to everyday situations, and also identify beliefs that hinder the achievement of goals.

4. You will have the opportunity to observe and investigate how emotions influence your choices.

5. Understand what stress is, and how you can live your life without this mental and physical stress.

4. You will learn how to communicate consciously, and transforming the way you relate to the world.

7. Finally, you will have the opportunity to plan the future consciously, integrating a Mindfulness practice in your daily life.


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