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Quarantine - Staying Connected in Challenging times!

Atualizado: 28 de nov. de 2020

1. My first advice is off course to stay in contact with the ones you love! Connect with the ones who are at this moment living with you by doing activities together. From taking care of the living space, to preparation of meals, leisure times, but also allowing time for each person to be with him/herself if he/she so wishes. Stay in contact specially with people you know are facing this period by themselves or belong to the risk population group, making sure they are ok and being available in case they need.

2. Take advantage of technologies! Technologies come really handy in these times, allowing us to be connected with each other. So, reach out, catch up with friends, family members, and colleagues. A 5min call or video call can completely transform their mood and sense of connection. You can share Apps that are helping you navigate these times! Work-out apps, Meditations Apps, Entertainment apps, etc.

3. Share books, movies or tv-series that you’ve recently seen. Be careful sharing content regarding news! Verify before sharing any information/picture/video regarding the current and future scenarios. You can go to sound sources and spread true and verified information. Some examples for this specific time include: World Health Organization, and your local government.

4. With or without kids around, entertain yourself playing games! Video games, board games (you can also find online version of these), cards, domino’s, puzzles, etc. Take them out of the old closet, get together and spend fun afternoons.

5. Why not start a Mindfulness online course together! Take advantage of the free time and learn empowering new tools that will transform your life at a personal and professional level.


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