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What is Mental Wellness?

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

The Global Wellness Institute defines Mental wellness as an internal resource that helps us think, feel, connect, and function. A process that brings resilience, growth, and overall flourish in one’s life, establishing a balance point between resources and challenges.

Being a dynamic process, as life circumstances are constantly changing, it requires initiative and conscious action. Mental wellness as an internal experience encompasses a Mental dimension, regarding the content of thoughts and beliefs we have acquired through life, how we perceive reality and process the external information, and our capacity to make decisions and complete tasks; an Emotional dimension, regarding how we feel and our capacity to manage and express emotions; a Social dimension, the reflect the way we connect with other and the kind of relationships we build and have with others.

What characterizes the state of Mental Wellness

1. Feeling good and having a sense of fulfilment

Much can be said about what “feeling good” is, but I think we all know when we are at that point. Maybe you know this because you are rarely there, so when you are it stands out. When we feel good the content of the mind is light, the content of the mind is spacious and mainly with positive thoughts. We are often connected with a purpose, at a personal or professional level, that energizes us to be alive, to achieve our goals. Having a purpose, enjoying what you are doing now combined with an intention for the future, brings a feeling of fulfillment, self-worth and self-acceptance. When we feel good, we are open and we can grow at a personal and in consequence at a professional level, we are open to expand and embrace new possibilities, instead of feeling trapped, frustrated and bored.

2. Being resilient and Realizing potential

Life provides us with an enormous range of experiences, from very unpleasant, to very pleasant, and to neutral. To maintain a good state of Mental wellness you should be equipped of effective tools that enable you to strive even in the presence of adversity. Being resilient does not mean indifference, but to be aware and able to successfully manage challenging emotional states regarding unexpected events. Without getting to stresses and overwhelmed which affects the capacity to think clearly, diminishing the quality of life manifested in the form of poor quality of sleep and more susceptibility to overall sickness.

Being resilient means, you are able to be focused and creative in finding new solutions, seeing the potential and opportunities even in times of crisis.

3. Enjoying positive relationships

Mental Wellness is directly related with the quality of relationships. If you feel sad, frustrated, or anxious it is easy to see that the start point of the relation between me and the other will always be me against the other, the other that is causing my suffering or is unable to help me overcome it. In a mental state of lack of wellness, we see the other as an enemy, in a wellness state of mind we see the other as a companion, as a partner with whom to share and learn, with whom to build a better society. You see the other with the understanding that we all want to feel well, loved, and cared for, that we all have our goals and hopes, and that for this we can team up and be more effective and successful.

Do you know what is affect negatively your Mental Wellness?

According to the Global Wellness Institute Mental wellness encompasses the integrated and holistic nature of our health and well-being. The state of our mind affects our body, and vice versa. Our mental wellness is also connected to our beliefs and values, to other people, to nature, and even to the realms of consciousness and spirituality. Mindfulness has off course a great positive impact.

Our programs are designed to provide insight. To this end, each retreat includes free time to relax or walk in nature, moments of theory with exercises that invite introspection, and guided practices that restore calm and mental clarity.

Meet our Mindfulness based SOLO Mental Wellness Programs, and acquire effective tools to boost the quality of your life:



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