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Are you looking for a real renovation and transformation?

Immerse yourself in a period of reflection and self-discovery. Experience profound changes as you integrate mindfulness practices that give you the ground to gain insight.

This week was designed just for you!


Being Present

By cultivating an awareness of the present, one learns to disengage from the ruminative cycle of past regrets or future anxieties that often contribute to these emotional struggles.

Being present allows for a deeper understanding of one's thoughts and emotions without judgment. In consequence a more compassionate acceptance of oneself, facilitating a gradual journey towards emotional balance and stability

Emotional Intelligence

Sadness  is the emotion responsible for the state of depression. During your stay you will understand the power of each emotion, learn how to recognize, accept and release. As you master this you will be able to investigate the triggers, patterns of thought or action, that have been feeding the state of sadness in your life.

Growth & Transformation

As the patterns that brought you here are unraveled, you will be able to understand them and turn them into opportunities for growth instead of defeats.

You will be able to observe and say "no" to decisions, people and experiences that do not contribute to your sense of well-being, happiness or fulfillment.


Day 1

since 3 pm


Check in and Welcome


Arrive calmly.

Take the rest of the day to relax

and get to know the Hotel.



4 night stay at the Hotel 

Companhia das Culturas Ecodesign & Spa

A Hotel chosen for the Slow Living concept that you feel right on arrival.

A project that connects the Quinta to memories, nature,

to the materials, family and the place.


The Landscape on the Plate

Vegetarian breakfast and lunch

designed based on the Mediterranean diet.

About 70% of the manufactured products are produced by Companhia das Culturas, and the rest are from small local producers.

Hammam & spa Treatment

Experience the Hammam and the ancient Mediterranean tradition of Arab baths available at Companhia das Culturas.

Enjoy a therapeutic full-body massage with exclusive use of 8950-COSMETICA products.


from €2299 to €2699

4 nights in a Suite or Double Room

4 Breakfasts

3 Vegetarian Mediterranean style lunches

1 Full Body Massage

6 sessions of 2 hours

 Program manual


Not included


Please book your flight to Faro Airport (FAO).

It is 40 minutes from Companhia das Culturas

Companhia das Culturas

Ecodesign & Spa Hotel

Open since 2008, Companhia das Culturas is a Sustainable and Organic Ecotourism located in the extreme southeast of the Algarve, on the border of the Castro Marim Nature Reserve.

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