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I am a Mindfulness Based Mental Wellness Coach, TDI MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) certified. In this fast-paced world we live in, I see Mindfulness as a very effective tool in relation to the health of the mind and body. I am also an Exercise Physiologist, having worked in that area for 7 years.  I was fascinated by the power of Mindfulness when I  participated in the MBSR Program in 2012. See my BIO.


The retreats I facilitate are known for their personalized touch, ensuring that each participant's journey is tailored to their individual needs and goals. This personalized approach allows attendees to gain a deeper understanding of Mindfulness and its practical applications in their lives, ultimately leading to improved mental and physical well-being.

Participating in one of my retreats is much more than a getaway; these are transformational experiences. You can expect to gain valuable insights into stress reduction, emotional well-being, and effective stress management.

" I would like to give a special thanks to Renata the mindfulness instructor. She has given me the tools to cope with the stresses in my life and I came home relaxed and able to look at things in a much more positive way. recommend this retreat to anyone who is looking for a way to help them deal with issues in their life." Ella M.

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Mindfulness Based Wellness Health Coach

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What can I do for you

My focus is to guide you on your journey towards mental and physical well-being by providing effective, clinically proven tools that enable you to proactively and independently manage your health.


Calm and Center the Mind

I will introduce you to mindfulness and guide you in different types of meditation. This is the basis from which we start to first understand what your present experience is; second, to investigate how you arrived at this experience; and thirdly, which paths you can use to change the current experience and move towards the ideal you would like to achieve.


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Apreciando ao ar livre
Apreciando ao ar livre

 Lack of concentration? Burn out? Anxiety?Difficulty falling asleep?

It is essential that you make a new commitment each day to create space for yourself, to stand firm in each step of the process to achieve your goals, whether related to health, work, personal and/or professional relationships.


New Habits


The present experience is the result of past decisions and actions, based on certain patterns of beliefs and thoughts. When setting the intention to shift to a new “me”, we will analyze what past and current actions are being less beneficial, and then figure out how to acquire and integrate new habits.



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Investing in a new MINDSET is investing in transforming your mind, and transforming your life. The practice of Mindfulness allows this new MINDSET to be constituted by positive thoughts, and always attentive to new opportunities and ways to overcome challenges.



Becoming Mindful

Integrating new knowledge and tools into your daily life is the essential key to a healthy, happy and prosperous life.

The benefits of mindfulness practice are not specific to just one area of your life, since the mind is the same, the benefits will be visible in all areas. In this way you will be prepared to make conscious decisions regarding not only the present but also your future.



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